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The most popular of the vector editors

Author: Maxime Murray

CorelDRAW is a graphics editor that is designed to work with vector images. With this application you can create logos, illustrations, covers, advertising banners, layouts for printing business cards, flyers, posters and much more. The editor is actively used in branding, graphic design, advertising and printing.

Vector and raster graphics

Computer graphics is not the usual use of brush and paint for the average person. In this sphere, the image is formed in two ways. From pixels. The finished picture at multiple magnification can look as if broken into many small squares.

Among the most common "pixel" formats are gif, jpeg, png. Such graphics are called raster graphics. Finished images will differ in richness and depth of shades, as well as not always clear contours. Raster is about naturalness and color reproduction. The most popular professional program for editing raster images.

From the curves given by the mathematical formula. The picture in this case does not look "pixelated" even with a strong approximation: all contours built on points are able to increase without loss of quality. The most popular formats in this case are eps and svg. Graphics of this type is called vector graphics.

To create a picture, the designer first places reference points on the drop zone, then connects them with paths, and then uses fills. The final image will not be able to boast of photographic accuracy, but it will certainly become bright and memorable due to the originality of the forms and high quality. Vector graphics are about logos, illustrations, comics, etc. CorelDRAW is one of the most popular vector editors.

Features of the program

Vector illustration. CorelDRAW's powerful vector illustration tools let you transform simple lines and shapes into complex drawings. Curves can be created using a variety of versatile tools. For example, the functions "Contour", "Shell", "Mix", "Fill the grid" and others will allow you to revive a boring project and diversify it.

Page layouts. The program has all the tools you need to create brochure layouts, multi-page documents, and more. In the process of work, you can switch between one-page and multi-page editing, which is especially important for the creative component of the designer's work.

Typography. The phrase "Play with fonts" doesn't sound nightmarish when it comes to using CorelDRAW. The software allows you to change the location and style of the text, add various effects to the symbols (shadows, volume, contours). The application has its own font library, but can also work with third-party files.

Photo editing. The user has the opportunity to remove skin defects, adjust colors, contrast and brightness, change perspective, etc. All this is available thanks to the toolkit. Artificial intelligence works in tandem with the designer to improve the quality of images, and the AfterShot HDR add-on helps to expand the dynamic range of photographs.

It is important to note that design professionals regard this functionality not as a full-fledged replacement for Adobe Photoshop, but only as an auxiliary tool that allows you not to switch between programs if your vector project has raster graphics.

Benefits include:

good base. The editor provides the user with a huge library of backgrounds, fonts, brushes, blanks for logos, etc. If necessary, you can use files from third-party developers, but at the initial stage the blanks available in the application will be more than enough;

user-friendly interface. The "facade" of the application is not too difficult to learn. A minimum of distractions - the focus of attention is shifted only to the main functions and the working field;

multi-platform. The software is able to work with different operating systems: Windows, MAC, OS/2, Unix and Linux. This is especially convenient for designers who do not want to change the hardware and install virtual machines on their computer to run the graphics editor;

multilingual. Standard English is present in all modern software, but with the Cyrillic alphabet, as a rule, there are problems. But the editor is all right on this part: the names of functions and buttons are translated correctly, there are no strange hieroglyphs and empty squares.

Like any modern graphics editor, CorelDRAW is quite capable of running on medium-power hardware, but if possible, it is better to update the components of your PC to ensure fast image processing. 

Rating /10