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The Narrow path

There is a way, a path way of righteousness, peace, and joy that our Father has set before us, bidding us to enter. However, we cannot enter therein in our flesh and blood consciousness. In other words, we cannot enter the path by sowing to the flesh.

Therefore, to gain access to this path we must transform our mind to that Mind that was in Christ Jesus, by abiding in the Truth (My Father and I are one; that Christ Jesus constitutes individual being – my being and your being); by watching and praying, by beholding Christ Jesus in every form that confronts us. It does not matter how often we fall in our walk with Christ.  All around us is appearance, and see how often we fall as a child learning how to walk, by mere watching the appearance and not praying. As long as we are lured or frightened by appearance, by mere watching and not praying, we are submerged into the sea of mortality.

Oh! appearance, the knowledge of good and evil! You lure and frighten us away from the acknowledgment of our heavenly Father where we stand and where our neighbor stands, sinking us into the miry clay of mortality, as we deny that Christ is Omnipresent. Oh! How quickly we accept the appearance of a storm or tempest, by not even bothering to wake up Christ Jesus sleeping at the inner recess of our being; or even accepting world’s report over the report of God – besides the Holy One of Israel there is no other.

How can we be redeemed from the influence of the tree of good and evil, away from the broadway of human-life? We simply have to accept the finished work of our Most Loving Father at Calvary. As a child, please do not give up, regardless of how many times you have fallen on the dust of mortality; dust yourself up, smile and remember, “God is All; besides the Holy One of Israel there is no other; Christ Jesus constitutes ‘individual being’.”  While you are watching at an appearance, please judge righteously; please pray also, by realizing that Christ stands where any appearance is. The apostles failed in their walk with Christ now and then but got up and continued until they walked into Christ Jesus.

Similarly, just as a baby that is learning how to walk, get up, smile, shake-up yourself from the dust of mortality, arise and Christ shall give you life. You have sold yourself for nothing, and you shall be redeemed without money. Arise and shine for your light is come; and the glory of the Lord will be risen upon you.For the Holy One of Israel shall cause your righteousness to shine forth as brightness, and your salvation a lamp that burns[1]. As long as ‘your focus’ is upon the Tape – Christ Jesus the perfection of God made visible – you shall walk into Him; you shall manifest the kingdom of God on earth.  ‘Therefore, my people shall know my name; therefore, they shall know in that day that I am He who speaks: “Behold it is I”’[2]. For you are the ‘light of the world’ that dissolves the thick darkness covering the earth, revealing the kingdom of heaven here and now.

To bear witness unto our Most loving Father, to have the capacity to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus requires total humility. It is a very subtle experience to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus, as one might be overcome by the temptation to proclaim, “I am the Light of the world; I am a child of God, to the exclusion of my sinning neighbor.” That is not the gospel of Christ Jesus. To demonstrate the power of the kingdom of heaven on earth requires total humility, total acceptance of everyone on earth as a child of God, without condemning, criticizing, or judging anyone, however debased the person might appear in your sight – “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself”, Christ reminds us. That also becomes our eternal decree. Certainly, you are aware that the humus soil is there to receive every dirt thrown upon it with all joy. It does not reject or criticize whatever that comes upon it. It always accepts oneness with whatever encounters it. So are you, the pure in heart that sees God in every situation, condition, place or thing.

Furthermore, humility is to realize, “I of myself can do nothing, but the Father within doeth the work”; it requires carrying your cross and following Christ Jesus; it requires being crucified upon the cross of Calvary. In other words, it is in our self-surrender; it is in our complete acceptance of, “IT IS FINISHED”, as Christ grieves eternally at Calvary do we have the ‘Power’ to proclaim the gospel and bring every man, woman, and child in the universe in subjection to the kingdom of God here-now present. That man of sin, (‘the flesh and blood consciousness’ man), that has occupied the temple of the living God since the foundation of the world, who is under the influence of any of these: war, killing, terrorism, idolatry, jealousy, hate, fraud, envy, malice, ambition, pervasion, bestiality, rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, fornication, masturbation, lust, pornography; lying, cheating, divorce, heredity, witchcraft and sorcery, gambling, fortune telling, divination, enchantment, idolatry, kidnapping; tornado, famine, accident, viral outbreak , starvation, wild inferno, hurricane, earthquake; poverty and wealth, lack and limitation, disease and health, male and female, young and old, imitation life and death, good and evil ) must be revealed in you, and denied completely, in total surrender to: “IT IS FINISHED”, as Christ grieves eternally at Calvary.

Finally, please be conscious of the Activity of Holy Spirit functioning your being now; keep watching and dwelling in the Truth, ‘that Christ Jesus is in you, and you are in Him; that Christ the hope of glory is the reality of individual being’. Thus you are one with the Light that lighteth everyone that cometh into the world;[3] the Holy One of Israel; the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient God; the only true Light without variableness neither shadow of turning; the only Law, Life, Activity, Power, and animating Principle of our being and of the infinite universe.

As the disciples of Christ Jesus, please let us put up the same attitude that our brothers, Andrew and John showed when they came looking for Jesus. “What seek yee?”  Christ asks. “Where thou dwelleth”, they responded. Moreover, Jesus says to them, “Come and see”. This is an open invitation to all the disciples of Christ Jesus, to everyone who has resolved to follow Jesus Christ in the regeneration, in the newness of life that ‘besides God there is no other’.

We must not go to Jesus Christ for the baker’s bread as the multitude at Bethsaida did. We must not go to Jesus Christ for anything of a physical nature. Instead, as the pure in heart that follows Christ in the regeneration, please let us go to Him for the joy of communion, for the bread of life, for the water of life that shall be in us a well of water springing up into everlasting life. Let us seek where Christ Jesus dwells and go there which is our place of rest – the kingdom of God here and now, which way is the narrow path…

May the peace of Christ that passeth all understanding abide with you forevermore.










[1] Isaiah 52:3

[2] Isaiah 56:6

[3] John 1:9

And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, that ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. Mathew 19:28

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