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Welcome Jesus Christ to the scene.

In the face of the seeming ‘covid-19’ or its variant outbreak, which was apparently cultured by the human mind, please be calm, courageous, and rest in the strength of the Holy One of Israel, our Most Loving Father, who is eternally our security to shield you against every noisome pestilence.

As these erroneous appearances, whether in the form of viral outbreak or nuclear proliferation threats, press forth into visibility, be rest assured that the kingdoms of this world are being upturned by the appearing of our redeemer Christ Jesus within our consciousness.

Therefore, now is the time to raise the Sword of Spirit over the face of the earth, in the sole realization that our Most Loving Father is omnipresent, not the condition, not any man-made ‘covid-19’ or its variant. Only Christ Jesus is present where any condition in form of ‘covid-19’  or its variant is. The infinite presence of Christ Jesus, the Alpha and Omega of creation is the exclusion of any man-made virus. Hence ‘covid-19’ or its variant cannot be present in any part of God’s universe.

It does not matter the news flashing forth on our electronic gadgets about ‘covid-19’ or its variant wreaking havoc across countries; it does not matter the news on television about number of deaths it has caused, one thing is certain: only Christ Jesus is present; only the Grace of God is functioning universally. This Truth realized in consciousness is the dissolution of any condition of ‘covid-19’. or its variant

You are the Light of the world, and the Grace of God functioning through you is the Law unto this world, not any united nations or the G7 countries. Thus as the pure in heart, as you open the door of your heart to Christ, in your steady recognition of the Allness of God, perfection is revealed. Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth (revelation 19:6). God’s Allness makes it impossible for any destructive or evil influence to exist anywhere in heaven, on earth, or beneath the earth; it precludes the possibility of an evil condition in form of covid-19 or its variant existing in the world or existing in individual experience.

Now whose report will you believe? We shall believe the report of the Lord. We shall not believe the report of the 10 spies that were sent to spy the land of Jericho. We shall believe the report of Joshua and Caleb that only the Grace of God is functioning, not ‘covid-19’ or its variant, which is an arm of flesh, a state of nothingness.  Therefore, there will not be any trace of the virus in any part of the world; it will go by the way it came, the way of nothingness. The Hand of the Lord establishes this.

May the peace of our Lord Christ Jesus be with you forever. Amen!


Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth (revelation 19:6).