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The mind of Christ Jesus

The Mind that was in Christ Jesus does not judge after appearance (the tree of good and evil) but judges righteously – discerns only the Tree of Life.

Any appearance as far as it can be appropriated through the five senses is not testifying to the Truth of God’s only presence, to the Allness of God. They testify to the pairs of opposites – good and evil, life and death, old and young, sickness and health, wealth and poverty. Therefore, “Judge not after appearance but judge righteous judgment” John 7:24, Christ admonishes us. In other words, let your judgment be in God; know only the truth about God regardless of any luring or shattering appearance. God must be known as the only Presence, Intelligence, and Power; that besides God there is no other – nothing! Not even you or me. When the fact of God’s infinite Presence takes hold in consciousness as the only fact of existence, then all other appearances that deny this fact are mere smoke without substance, without Law, and therefore cannot be present.

The Mind that was in Christ Jesus is eternally ‘one’ with our Most Loving Father. Therefore, I Am ‘one’ with the Holy One of Israel. This is our destiny; this is the divine purpose of God in man ­– oneness with Christ Jesus.” That they all may be one; as thou Father art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou has sent me” (John 17:21). This realization must happen in our youth, while we may appear in a physical form to human sense. This is the whole essence of Christ’s teachings. Gradually, we shall all be lifted into HIM, “But each one in his own order; Christ the first fruit, afterwards those who are Christ’s at His coming” (1 Corinthians 15:23).  It is the divine will of God that you be the Christ, by accepting your oneness with Christ Jesus. “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myselfJohn 12:32, Christ assures us. Just think if there is anybody in the universe and beyond into limitless infinity that is left out in the word of Christ. The Mind that was in Christ Jesus, the divine will of God has been drawing man to the Cross of Calvary unto eternity.

Moreover, all appearances confronting us are not real in the awareness of Omnipresence. Appearances subtly pose for us as the tree of good and evil, which the human mind appropriates instead of the Tree of life, the infinite, invisible Christ Presence that is the reality of every form. Now ask yourself, “who is present? Is it the Holy One of Israel or an appearance?” Your sincere answer will determine how the Grace of God functions in your experience to reveal the nothingness of anything, unlike Christ Jesus. If there is God and evil, you do not have Omnipresence but the god of this world; if you judge after appearance then you are implying that God is not ALL, that God is absent. And if God is absent in your consciousness, then His Grace will not function in your experience, and the appearance will taunt you for all it cares. However, in the acceptance of God is ALL, you have eliminated the belief in good and evil, in two powers, from your consciousness, and therefore denied the appearance power over you to express in your experience. Repeatedly, the bible has revealed that only God is present, besides the Holy One of Israel, there is no other. Therefore, we have no choice but to believe the Truth of being that God is All.

Assuredly, it is your duty and mine to bear witness to God’s infinite Presence. This is the reason why I appear in a mortal form; this is the sole function of you who are following Jesus Christ in the regeneration. In bearing witness to God’s infinite Presence, harmony is revealed. He appears on earth as in heaven. "Without faith, we cannot please God", Hebrew 11:6. We cannot bear witness to the Truth; we cannot bear witness to the kingdom of heaven present here and now. Certainly, the shattering shadow might still rage in your experience even after you have decided to follow the narrow path; even after you have resolved to follow Christ Jesus in the regeneration, as was the case of the apostles at the sea, in front of the raging tempest. However, do not be moved, please rest in the awareness that God is All, that besides our loving and faithful Father there is no other; that the Holy One of Israel is the only Presence and Power, and soon perfection is revealed; soon the still small voice utters and the earth melts, the raging tempest stills and all material condition dissolves.

By judging after appearance, by believing in good and evil, we deny the Omnipresence and Perfection of the Holy Ghost. Christ says, “Judge not after appearance, judge righteous judgment (John 7:24). Let your judgment be in God only, and rest in the Allness of God, and not in appearance. ‘Stop eating of the fruit of good and evil’ as Eve did – judge not after appearance, by realizing that only our Most Loving Father is present.

God’s Allness makes it impossible for any destructive or evil influence to exist anywhere in heaven, on earth, or beneath the earth, through individual recognition; it precludes the possibility of an evil condition existing in the world or existing in individual experience, through individual acknowledgment. So as you realize oneness with Christ Jesus; as you come to the full grasp that Christ Jesus constitutes individual being, your being and my being, are you the Light that reveals the nothingness of any appearances unlike God; are you the Light that dispels darkness. What is the strength of gross darkness in the face of a spark of light? Nothingness! Oh! Shadow without substance, without the Light of God to maintain and sustain!

Therefore, you are the captain of the ship. The world you perceive is not for any pharaoh, or any world leader out there to transform into paradise. That responsibility lies solely upon you. As the pure in heart, the light of the World, you must dispel the darkness, revealing the kingdom of God that is Omnipresent. If there is just one person witnessing the Truth of being: that God is All, that besides the Holy One of Israel there is no other;  that one becomes Joshua that leads her people out of the bondage to this world into her place of rest in God; that one becomes a mustard seed that grows into the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches. The Holy One of Israel works with few not majority, even if those few are seven, ten, or ten thousand out of more than seven billion; that is enough. Your responsibility and mine is to be among the few that are transparency through which the Grace of God functions on earth; a few that are consciously one with Christ Jesus, thereby upturning the kingdoms of this world, revealing God’s kingdom on earth.

Hence Christ makes the promises in Revelations 2 verse 3: To him that will overcome; to him that will realize oneness with Christ Jesus; to him that has resolved to follow Christ in the regeneration, by realizing that the good and evil appearances in human experience are but shadows cast by human thoughts, without the Law and Love of God to maintain and sustain, will realize the fulfillment of the divine purpose of God in man – ‘conscious oneness with Christ Jesus’.

Please remember this forever: anywhere you behold evil in a person, place or condition, you have accepted a presence apart from God, and rejected Christ Jesus as your Vine. You have blasphemed that our Most Loving Father is absent; that there is an evil appearance or condition standing side by side with the Almighty God. Consequently, you become a severed branch from the one Tree of Life that withers and dies.

However, it is difficult for the human mind to grasp. The human mind eats of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, by accepting a presence apart from the Almighty God. The human mind takes thought other than Divine thoughts. The human mind judges after appearances, sees the storm at sea while Christ sleeps to the storm. The human mind does not have the single eye, the eye of Christ that appropriates the Tree of life.

The human mind dissolves as soon as we accept that Mind that was in Christ Jesus. This is the will of our Father that you realize your oneness with His infinite presence, Christ Jesus the reality of your being and the infinite universe. Only the Mind that was in Christ Jesus realizes oneness with the Holy One of Israel. Christ’s Mind is the only Mind; every other mind is nonexistent. So you must step out of mortality by desiring the Mind of Christ Jesus, by accepting it through faith as your Mind, to enter into life everlasting, sited at the right hand of God in Christ Jesus. It is the gift of the Father to all that believes. But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name. John 1:12

Therefore, that serpent (belief in mortality) in us must be lifted up as the fiery serpent was lifted up in the wilderness and as Jesus Christ was lifted on the cross, in the sole realization that I am in Christ and Christ is in me; that I and my Father are one; that Christ constitutes individual being; your being and my being; that I am a spiritual being, the child of God; that I am the resurrection and the life. In other words, your mind must transform to that Mind that was in Christ Jesus', Romans 12:2.  Thus as we die to our mortal sense of self, by accepting we are the Life of God, we are raising the physical body of limitation into the pure eternal body of light – forever youthful and free, transcending time and space. We come fully into the embrace of our immortal self, the transfigured body of Christ Jesus and this moment – this eternal-now man’s last enemy, death is swallowed up. Here and now this promise is fulfilled: ‘But has now been revealed by the appearing of our savior Jesus Christ, who has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel', 2Timothy 1:10.

Now scripture reveals that the substance out of which your body has been created is Christ Jesus. Holy Spirit through brother Paul reveals, “and to make us see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created ALL things through Christ Jesus, to the extent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church (Anyone that has realized that Christ Jesus constitutes his being) to the principalities and power in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:9,10.

Additionally, everything you see, all substances you are aware of, is only the same substance in a modified appearance, just another aspect of the same thing, both sides of the same coin. This can be likened to the principle of mathematics, wherein every form or appearance on earth is represented in numbers from one to infinity (1…∞), then by multiplicity law, there is always a “One” at the foundation of every number within the range of infinity. In other words, when you multiply one with any number in infinity, the outcome is always that number, meaning that there is always a “One” there but not apparent to eyesight. The eyes see the different numbers and the different forms but not the seed, the core. That “One” is the seed, the essence that brought the form forth, regardless of what the number might appear within the spectrum of infinity or how the forms appear in time or space.

The “One” when we relate it to the forms in the universe, is Christ, the hope of our glory. This is the Mystery that has been hidden, which Holy Spirit reveals through brother Paul, “Christ in you, the hope of glory”, Colossian 1:27. In Him, we live, move, and have our being, Acts 17:28. Therefore, everything has a perfect foundation, and perfection is your natural state of being; because it is your natural state, it is the only reality. Christ reminds us, “Be ye perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect”, Mathew 5:48. In other words, accept the gift of God; accept Christ Jesus the Perfection of God made visible as the reality of your being.

However, until you are aware of this Perfection as your natural state of being; until you are aware of the divine Presence within you, the Father that goes before you to make the crooked places straight; until you are aware that Christ Jesus constitutes individual being, your being, and my being, perfection eludes you, and you are outside the kingdom of God. Your ability to behold this “One” (Christ) in every form that confronts you, and your willingness to realize oneness with this Light that ushers everyone into the world, the infinite Presence underlying all forms is to have that Mind that was also in Christ Jesus that is capable of dwelling in the kingdom of heaven here and now.

Now when you appropriate the world ranging from the stars in the galaxies to the speck of dust on the ground through the senses, what confronts you is always an appearance (the tree of good and evil), not the substance, the reality, the invisible, spiritual form (the Tree of Life) that is there. The spiritual form is the infinite, invisible Spirit, Christ Jesus the reality of individual being. Thus when you are looking at a person, be it your father, mother, wife, husband, child, or even a thief or a prostitute, please do not judge them after appearance but judge them righteously, by beholding them through the single eye that sees Christ Jesus sited at the center of individual being. Just quickly remember that they are Spirit, that Christ Jesus is appearing as them, not the physical form. That way you are releasing creation from bondage of corruption into glorious liberty, into to the kingdom of God. You are overcoming the world by faith, love, and understanding. You are changing the serpent back to a rod. You are trampling upon the serpent; else you will be seeing their nakedness or mortality, thus disrobing them of their glory which they had with the Father before the world was, by knowing them after the flesh or as mortals.

Moreover, every man has a heart, which is the spirit of man, the dwelling place of Christ Jesus. Therefore, the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh upon the heart (1 Samuel 16:7), the eternal dwelling place of Christ Jesus. So the moment you sight and accept an appearance, away from the knowledge of the One-divine Presence, Christ Jesus, you are falsely separated from God. Any appearance of any nature is the barrier. Thus do not accept it, but see through it at the heart of it, where Christ dwells. Just come to the full realization that Christ Jesus being Omnipresent, the appearance cannot be there. The Allness of God excludes the existence of any appearance, unlike God through individual recognition. In doing this, you become co-creator with Elohim, the Holy One of Israel.

Therefore, as the Levites of the Most High, the scripture instructs us to use the SWORD of Spirit, the WORD to slaughter every appearance of a mortal form, by realizing that only Christ Jesus the reality of individual being is present. As we behold Christ in a person, place or condition, we separate mortality, revealing the WORD of God made flesh – Christ Jesus who is the only Presence there. This kindles a separation in us from the world, in the same way, one literally takes away the alphabet S from SWORD to reveal only the WORD. The sole purpose of the sword is to bring death to edom; to bring death to humanhood, the enemy of child of God: the sword of the Lord is bathed with blood, it is covered with fat – the blood of lambs and goats, fat from the kidneys of ram (Isaiah 34:6).  The fat is the choicest part of the meat unto God, which represents the WORD of God. That way the mortal form dies. We are learning to lay down our lives to take it back again. Christ realized in consciousness is the slaughter of the mortal form.

As Levites of the Most High, we are to translate every physical form to Spirit, by separating S from SWORD, by revealing only the Word of God in every form; by realizing that God is ALL. Therefore, Christ Jesus is all that is there where any physical form is. Thus anyone or anything coming close to the sanctuary of the Living God where we stand, we put him, her or it to death, by beholding Christ Jesus in him, her, or it. As the Levites of the Most High and as the pure in heart, our sole function on earth is to behold Christ Jesus the Word of God made flesh in every person, place, or condition; to offer unto the Holy One of Israel an acceptable sacrifice.

Your understanding will improve when you come to the full realization that God is All, that besides OUR Most Loving Father there is no other; that evil of whatever nature is impersonal; that the accuser of brethren, the enemy, as seen in the scripture, represents ‘our false mortal self’. The false mortal self unceasingly blasphemes that man is not a spiritual being, that man is not the child of the living God, the Holy One of Israel; that besides God there is something else or somebody here or there. Our false mortal-self attempts at all costs to stop us from living in identity, in the full awareness that I am the son of God.

Therefore, please say no to every witness of the false mortal-self, of the evidence of the five senses; say no to everything your eyes see, your ears hear, your body feels, your tongue tastes; no to everything you perceive. The only effort we must make is to prevent the creation of false images in our minds, by accepting that only Christ Jesus the reality of our being is present. An image that you create, any shadow that you cast has no power than the power you gave it. However, you believe it has power. You believe in it and it is your belief that fools you because of the ignorance of the individualization of Spirit. God has individualized as man – you and me.

What is necessary is to break every concept, by realizing that only God is present to allow perfection to manifest. This is the gospel of Christ Jesus. How? You might ask. Christ says, ”judge not after appearance but judge righteous judgment”, John 7:24. In other words, show total fidelity to the first commandment by accepting and realizing that God is All; that besides the Holy One of Israel there is no other, not the seeming appearance without substance. That way, you are judging righteously, by seeing with the eye of God, the single eye that beholds neither good nor evil, but the perfection of God made visible – Christ Jesus the reality of individual being. However, whenever you judge after appearance, you see the danger, the wealth and lack, the good and evil, health and sickness and forget that God is ALL; that besides God there is no other. You assume that satan can coexist with God at the same time.

You will find how all the in-harmonies in your life, the various conflicts dissolve as you begin to show fidelity to the first commandment, to the truth that God is All. We must come to that place in consciousness where we identify the things that are denying that we are the children of God so as to honor God with all our heart. To honor God is to honor Spirit, to have faith in the invisible; it is to sow to the infinite, invisible Spirit. You must honor God in your neighbor also, by realizing that Jesus Christ is the true Self of your neighbor.

You must believe in the bible that besides God there is no other to come to the conclusion that all appearances exist but as a shadow in human experience. In our human experience, while we are confronted with appearance of good and evil that appears to be but it is not, and yet it is; our Father, the Holy One of Israel, watches and does nothing, until we bear witness to the absolute Truth that God is Omnipresent, which precludes any seeming error in time or space.

Again, there is but one Presence, one Life, to which we should give individual attention – Christ in us the hope of glory; the Light within every individual; the true Light that lights every man that comes into the world (John 1:9) – He is the Light of the atheist, pagan or infidel; whether they are aware of it or not, your function as the royal high priest of God is to forgive seventy times seven, by realizing that Christ Jesus is the substance of their being. To Christ, the one Infinite, Invisible Presence, the personal self (ekene ezeike the natural man) should be in conscious recognition at all times; the personal self (ekene ezeike that receiveth not the things of God) should decrease to the point of dissolution to allow Christ full expression. This is the core Principle of Christ Jesus as revealed in the scripture: “I am in you and you are in me”, John 14:20; 17:23. In other words, where any evil or saintly form appears, Christ is the only presence there; Christ is the true identity of every form. Your realization of this truth is infinite Power.

Therefore, do not have a minute in an hour when the Son of God is left out in the cold knocking at the door of your heart; never have an hour in a day without a conscious reminder of the indwelling Presence, the Holy Grail hidden at the center of your being and of the infinite universe. Please live in the continuous awareness of the Son of God, Christ Jesus within you and where your neighbor stands. Consciously remember that the Divine Presence, the Father within goes before you to make the crooked places straight, to level every mountain, to fill up every valley, to blossom the desert places, and to make a way in the wilderness of humanhood; to reveal His kingdom on earth. God’s infinite Presence realized is the milk and honey in the newness of life that is unfolding before you. It is the New Jerusalem unfolding on earth, for Christ in you realized is the kingdom of God expressing.

As far as we function from the standpoint of human existence, i.e. good and evil, we remain the branch cut off, that withers and dies, devoid of the Peace and Life of God. Heaven appears only when the human consciousness has been crossed out. So my function, your function is to abide in the secret place of our Most Loving Father; it is to realize that we live, move, and have our being in God. I am to be perpetually aware of God’s Grace functioning my being, closer to me than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. I am to forever acknowledge God as the reality of man’s being, as the Life of man and of the infinite universe. Until you come to that place in consciousness where you can declare with brother Jacob upon seeing the angels of God descending and ascending the ladder in a dream, “Surely the Lord is in this place and I knew it not” (Genesis 28:16), the grace of God will not function in your experience. You must be conscious of the everywhereness of Christ Jesus; you must be aware that God is Omnipresent and that the kingdom of God is Omnipresent, that where you stand is Holy ground, to behold perfection where you stand.

The Key to life eternal is in the realization of that Mind that was in Christ Jesus through grace and by faith; to accept consciously, “I and my Father are one, and all things that the Father hath are mine”, John 16:15. One must be conscious of this ‘oneness with Elohim’ sleep or awake, 24x7 round the clock, regardless of worldly pressures. In other words, a continuous state of conscious ‘oneness with God’ is the only requirement for one to enter into Life eternal. This is to sow to the Spirit as we accept our oneness with our heavenly Father – to know God aright, and Christ Jesus whom thou have sent, is life eternal’, John 17:3.

Christ Jesus overcame the world by realizing His oneness with Elohim, the Holy One of Israel, and His oneness with us – ‘the branches of the Tree of life’. Therefore, we, who are following Him in the regeneration, before we can also overcome this world must realize our oneness with Christ Jesus, the perfect substance out of which the infinite universe was created; also love our neighbor as our self, by realizing that they too are a branch of the one Tree of life, Christ Jesus, leaving no person out of Christhood. “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself”, (John 12:32) Christ declares eternally. That must also be your declaration. The realization of our oneness with Christ Jesus closes the circuit of perfection, revealing Light, the one Tree of life, the kingdom of God, instead of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, this world of the five sense mind where everybody is walking in darkness; where everybody is divided and walking in separation from his or her neighbor. Please remember this forever: Our Most Loving Father is Light without variableness neither shadow of turning, James 1:17. Your ignorance of this universal Truth makes the appearance of a lie; your ignorance of this Truth ushers in darkness (humanhood), which is a state of non-existence. Therefore, even as the Father has sent Christ Jesus, so are we also sent in the name of the Son to function as Christ Jesus; to function as the light of the world, in the realization that we are one with Christ Jesus the begotten Son of God.

However, without realizing God as the only Presence and Power, and loving your neighbor as yourself by accepting everybody’s sonship, the gate to the paradise of God will be barred to you, and you come under the bondage to corruption and decrepitude, under the law of sowing and reaping. “Why is this so?” you might ask. The authority for that is found in the scripture, “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again”, Mathew 7:2. There is no way you can leave off anybody from Christhood or Sonship without you being a castaway. “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself’, must be your continuous state of consciousness as you behold your neighbor anywhere in the infinite universe. This is the narrow path; every other way is the broad way leading to humanhood and destruction. Conscious oneness with Christ Jesus is the narrow path. Your continuous awareness of yourself as Spirit and your neighbor as Spirit is the narrow path.

Moreover, heaven unveils in the realization of the Mind that was in Christ Jesus but the human mind veils heaven in our experience. In other words, the human mind out-pictures this world, while the Mind that was in Christ Jesus reveals heaven that is ever-present here and now. Therefore, before heaven could be revealed in our experience, the human mind externalized as this world must be overcome; the rich man in us must be denied out of our consciousness. How? By ceasing from being me, also by ceasing from beholding you, him, her or it in a person, place or condition and being conscious of Christ Jesus as the only Presence here, there, and everywhere; by accepting to follow Christ Jesus in the regeneration; by showing forth willingness to lay down the mortal sense of life. We must die daily to be alive in Christ Jesus – Christ is the kingdom of God expressing.

Christ has offered His Mind to us as revealed in the scripture. ‘Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I Am meek and lowly in heart. And you shall find rest unto your souls; for my yoke is easy and my burden light', Mathew 11:29. The yoke of Christ Jesus is His Mind. Therefore, as we accept His offer, as we realize that Christ’s Mind has been freely given to us, our burden dissolves. To accept this offer is to worship Christ; we are acknowledging Him in all our ways. However, voicing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior is the half-truth. The Truth is that we must seek the Mind that was in Christ Jesus; we must be one with Christ Jesus, by accepting His Life as the one Life of the infinite universe; His Immortal body as Omnipresent, by realizing that Jesus Christ constitutes our being. His Immortal body is yours but you must be conscious of it as the only Presence here, there, and everywhere to realize it. You cannot be aware of it while believing that there is a mortal where your neighbor is or that there is an evil condition in time or space. Only Spirit is Present; only Christ Jesus, the Alpha, and Omega is present. Also, you must drink of the blood of the Lamb of God, Christ Jesus, by accepting His Life as the one Life of the Father permeating every man, woman, child, and the infinite universe. It is the Life that goes up the Vine, out the branches, maintaining and sustaining the Tree of Life unto eternity.

The only sin in this world is when you are living as a human being – outside of Identity, outside the realization of oneness with Christ Jesus, the Son of the living God. When you are tempted on the human level to live your human life, unaware that Christ Jesus is your identity, you are not about the Father’s business and the Grace of God which functions only through the Mind of Christ Jesus is rejected. So now search yourself and see how many times you have denied Spirit and have accepted humanhood as the function of your life. Has it not been revealed to you that as the image and likeness of God, that you are the Holy One of Israel expressing on earth, even as the sun ray expresses the sun? “You are the light of the world”, (Mathew 5:14) Christ reminds us. The branch and the tree are manifesting the One Life of God, the SAP. Thus, as the branch, in your conscious oneness with Christ Jesus, you are a transparency for the seven Spirit of God, which alone functions through that Mind that was also in Christ Jesus.




"Judge not after appearance but judge righteous judgment” John 7:24