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Let thy eye be single.

Our Most Loving Father sees only Christ Jesus; the single eye of Jesus Christ sees only His presence where human eyes are beholding the prisoner, the thief, the prostitute, the witch, and every other condition or appearance, unlike God. You must be aware that Christ is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end of creation, Infinite and Omnipresent. The Presence of the Alpha and Omega is the exclusion of every mortal form. Therefore, there cannot be Alpha and Omega and a form coexisting together. You must not judge after appearance but judge righteous judgment, by sowing to the Spirit, by realizing that only God is present; that besides our Most Gracious Father there is no other. Your conscious awareness of the infinite nature of Christ Jesus is the single eye that fills your body with Light, which is your only protection from whatever danger that might occur in human experience.

judge not after appearance but judge righteous judgment”, Christ warns. In other words, show total fidelity to the first commandment by accepting and realizing that God is All; that besides the Holy One of Israel there is no other, not the seeming appearance without substance. That way, you are judging righteously, by seeing with the eyes of God, the single eye that beholds no good or evil, but the perfection of God made visible – Christ Jesus the reality of individual being. However, whenever you judge after appearance, you see the danger, the wealth and lack, the good and evil, health and sickness and forget that God is ALL; that besides God there is no other; you assume that satan can coexist with God at the same time.

Therefore, you have the choice to make, either to reckon with the teachings of the world or to reckon with the teachings of Christ. Undoubtedly, your five senses will always side with the teachings of the world, so do not rely on your five senses because they are your adversary. They will not bear witness to the Truth that God is the only Presence and Power; that the Most High alone is our Father, without pointing to one earthly father here and one spiritual or godfather there. Everything you behold on earth is a lie; your eyes are not seeing the reality that is there. In each breath, always rely on Holy Spirit to reveal to you the reality that is there; always accept that Christ Jesus is the reality of individual being. In doing this, you are acknowledging and accepting the single eye of God Almighty. Please do not allow organized religion dissuade you from the teachings of Christ Jesus: ‘I and my Father are one’, John 10:30. The Holy One of Israel constitutes your being, therefore, you are undivided and inseparably one with our Most Loving Father.

Until you develop the capacity to look out through your inner eye, the single eye, the Christ’s eye, just by accepting the gift of God, Christ Jesus as the reality of individual being; until you gain the capacity to listen with your inner ear so as to hear the still small voice even in the midst of the earthquake and storm, you will not judge righteous Judgment, you will not bear witness to the Truth of God’s Perfection everywhere. So please sow to Spirit; sow to the invisible kingdom of God present here and now. To sow is to acknowledge and accept that Christ Jesus the reality of our being is here, there and everywhere, and thus where you stand is Holy ground; He is the Presence underlying all forms.

In the human scene anywhere there is the restoration of harmony of any nature, be it the healing of a disease, disappearance of lack, gaining of employment, happy marriage, it is the 'Single eye' (the consciousness of the healer about the infinite Perfection of God) that brought it about, not God. As far as our Father is concerned, His creation is perfect and finished – ‘nothing to be added nor subtracted from’. ' I know that everything God does will remain forever; nothing can be added to it or taken from. God works that men should revere Him‘ Ecclesiastes 3:14. If it was really our Most Loving Father that brought the healing about, then He must have acted too late since you knew more than Him to have noticed a flaw in His creation, before He ever did anything about it. You are implying there is God and a condition to be improved upon or something else to be added to or subtracted from.

However, Scripture reveals, “Besides God, there is no other”. This is the only temptation that confronts us; ‘Is there anything besides the Holy One of Israel?’. So whatever appearance, unlike God, must be nonexistent as the Allness of God precludes its presence. As soon as you accept a place in time or space that needs to be improved upon, or a condition to be added to or subtracted from, you have eaten the fruit of good and evil, and your outside God’s Presence, outside the garden of Eden. As a child it is ok to influence or use God or even try to add to or subtract from a given condition, but if you must follow Jesus Christ in the regeneration as the Son that you are, then you no longer will use or influence our Most Loving Father or try to improve upon His Perfection. You simply revere, accept or acknowledge that His Perfection is infinite and ever-present. If you try to influence our heavenly Father, then you are back into duality, bereft of the single eye.

Our heavenly Father wants us as Light of the world to dispel the darkness or any seeming imperfection, by realizing the nothingness of darkness or anything unlike our Most Loving Father. “How, even in the face of violence and stampede?” you might ask. By being faithful to the Truth that besides God there is no other; by accepting the single eye that sees no place in time or space where God is not, just as brother Jacob realized, “Surely the Lord is in this place and I knew it not", Genesis 28:16; by being silent in the face of every tempest and stampede – ‘absolute silence in the realization that only God is present’, not the condition or appearance. Please do not acknowledge God and at the same time evil. Just ponder: ‘does light fight ‘darkness’?’ Any gross darkness dissolves away into nothingness in the face of a spark of light, in the face of the Light that you are. Until you come to the full awareness that you are the light of the world, not by voicing it but by an inner knowing, darkness will always be there to taunt you. Darkness in and of itself has no rise in God; there is no Law and Power of God to sustain and maintain it. “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made” (John 1:3), thus no Cause to maintain darkness. This is the Truth you must know forever; the Truth of being that whatever the Word that was in the beginning with God did not create was not created, but appears to be in human experience, but is not in Spirit.

For all seeming goliath appearances, our prayer should be, “Father help my unbelief; please open up my ears to hear thy still small voice even in the midst of the storm; please open up the eyes of my understanding to see this world through your eyes, the single eye, to be able to bear witness to thy Omnipresence, thy Perfection. Only thy Omnipresence reveals the unreality of error. Christ admonishes, “Let thy eye be single so that your body will be full of light”, Mathew 6:22. Body full of light represents perfection in our experience, represents the infinite, immortal Body of Christ Jesus realized in consciousness; and the single eye is the eye of God that does not see good or evil, but only His image and likeness – Christ Jesus, the Alpha and Omega of creation.

How can you become what you are not already? You only need to accept the finished work of the Father –  “IT IS FINISHED”, as Christ grieves at Calvary. Christ urges us in the eternal now to accept our spiritual body as the Truth of being, to dwell in it; to live in identity, in the conscious realization that I and my Father are one. That is the sole purpose of His transfiguration. To be perfect as your heavenly Father is to know only the things that God knows; to be known as you are known of God. In other words, to be God-conscious; to have the single eye that does not behold good and evil, but sees only Perfection, Christ Jesus everywhere; that does not judge after appearance but judges righteously.  You cannot be perfect and accept death or imitation life that begins at birth and ends in the grave as reality, or sickness or even good health as a function of individual being. That is duality, beholding good and evil. Therefore, to be perfect is to realize that our Perfection is here and now. We only need to accept it to live in it. Spirit through brother Paul further reveals, “As He is in this world, so are we”, 1 John 4:17.

The sole purpose of the Divine will of God is to bring you to an expected end of being the child of the living God because only the Son of God goes to the Father. So if you are not the Son, you will be separated from His kingdom. Until you begin to see through the single eye, until you are the pure in heart, you cannot behold the kingdom of God. Thus you can only catch the sight of the impossibility of God’s punishment as your love for God and man increases; indeed, you never will judge any man again, let alone nurse the idea that the Divine Will of God is condemning anyone. You will see yourself in both the saint and the sinner because if Christ Jesus is the only Presence, you must be in Christ; then where are the saint and the sinner?  They are all in Christ, the substance of all forms. The single eye sees perfection eternally.








Christ admonishes, “Let thy eye be single so that your body will be full of light”, Mathew 6:22.