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Jerusalem City of the Great King

The City of the Great king, Christ Jesus, is not limited to any physical place on earth, let alone Jerusalem, the contending capital of the nation of Israel. This has been the grievous error of organized religion. They have hypnotized their subject to the belief that there is a place on earth that is holier than the other; that their places of worship: Jerusalem, Mecca, Vatican, Tibet, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Lourdes, Mahabodhi Temple, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and Mount Sinai are the most sacred places in the world.

Consequently, their subject embark on pilgrimage to those supposedly holy sites. Except this journey is made not with the intention of going to a holier site than where you are standing but going to have a communion with the people of that nation, such pilgrimage is in futility. This moment Holy Spirit is drawing our attention in the eternal now to neither go to Jerusalem nor any mountain to worship God. This is the hour in which our Most Loving Father will be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth. Therefore, all the aforementioned holy sites shall be in ruins in few years from now. Those subjects will no longer go to Jerusalem, or any physical mountain to worship God. The organized religious system of the world will be struck down into rubble by the eternal Rock of Ages, carved without hands out of the mountain of God – The Mind that was in Christ Jesus; the ‘steady consciousness’ that God is All, that besides the Holy One of Israel there is no other.’

The whole structures of organized religion will lie in ruins as Christ Jesus appears the second time within us, not a block will be standing upon another. The churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, shrines; indeed, anywhere there is a gathering in one form or another to worship the Holy One of Israel, besides the conscious realization that our heavenly Father constitutes ‘individual being’, shall crash to ground zero. It shall be a gathering for the fowls of the air, no man will go there again. This will happen in no distant time, just a few years from now, in less than seventy years. If you are still living as a human being, then you shall experience it before you go to the grave. The unfolding events that will lead to the total collapse of the organized religion of the world has been initiated. Never mind, you will not miss such gatherings much the same way you will not miss your false ‘personal me' when the wind of Spirit blows that 'me' into nothingness.

Even the contribution by churches to the nation of Israel on the assumption that Jerusalem is the city of David, on the understanding that it was proper to ensure her peace and well-being because it is the city of David is misconstrued. The ‘city of David’ is David’s unwavering consciousness of the presence of the Living God where he stands, the same way that Bethel became a Holy ground based on Jacob’s realization that the place was the gate of heaven, that the Lord was in that place. Moreover, Mount Sinai witnessed the manifest Presence of our Most Loving Father because of the consciousness of Moses. Without Moses the Israelite would not have witnessed the Presence of God on that Mountain. Does that make Mount Sinai during the era of Moses or Mount Zion during the era of David holier than the Mount Sinai and Mount Zion this minute? Not at all. It is only one’s unyielding consciousness of our Most Loving Father’s Presence where one stand that makes a place a Holy ground.

Similarly, Jerusalem, the city of the Great king, Christ Jesus, is ushered in as you open your door to Christ knocking at the center of your being; as you realize ‘conscious oneness’ with the Holy One of Israel. It is your realization that Christ is in you and you are in Christ; it is the Mind that was in Christ Jesus that manifest Jerusalem on earth. Jerusalem is the kingdom of heaven expressing on earth through you, as the slain lamb of God rises as the Lion of tribe of Judah in our consciousness. The new Jerusalem is Identity realized. It is the name of God upon your forehead. It is your new name.

And now is the hour when our Most Loving Father will be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth; our heavenly Father will be worshiped where any man is, whether standing, sitting, cooking, driving, or engaging in any activity whatsoever, in the sole awareness that the Holy One of Israel is the only Activity in the universe, in full acknowledgment that our Father is ALL. Therefore, Christ Jesus,  the kingdom of God made visible is the only presence where you stand, and where your neighbor stands. Please accepts Him as the reality of your being and rest in the assurance of Omnipresence to sustain your oneness with the Vine. “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship Him. God is Spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth”.

Moreover, history has a way of repeating itself. Whatever happened forty centuries ago, is still happening this moment, but perhaps a bit refined, but the idea back of it is the same. The ‘golden calf worship’ has evolved into different religious groups on the earth today.  Rites, rituals, mantras, and forms are still worshiped, not different from the worship of the golden calf at Sinai – outward forms of worship, whereas Christ reveals that our seeking must be within, in the Invisible, in Spirit.  “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

No condemnation of orthodoxy, metaphysics, evangelical movements, or any sect, but only trying to emphasize the need of the Mind that was in Christ Jesus as the only way to the kingdom of God that is present here and now; as the key to the door of the New Jerusalem here and now. Christ says, “I am the way the truth and the life; no one cometh to the Father except by me”. Eternally, everything lies in our yielding to Spirit, in our accepting the Word of Christ as the function of our being; "On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you". Moreover, the Angel of God within us is urging us to ‘come up hither’ onto the mountain of the Lord; to enter the Lord’s Day in the eternal now by faith in the finished work of our Father at Calvary. The Lord’s Day is the moment in eternal now when Christ declares, “IT IS FINISHED”. The trumpet is sounding! Let your ears be quickened to hear. Now is the day of salvation, not tomorrow or in the future. The Light is shining, and the veil of mortality is being removed as we awake to the presence of Christ within. The whole message of Christ is that we might know God aright and Christ Jesus whom thou have sent. This is the key to eternal life and overcoming death in human form.

The divine will of God is that we live as Spirit. Spirit was not born and will not die. Spirit is the Life of God. Therefore, as we accept Christ Jesus as the reality of individual being; as we are reborn out of flesh and blood consciousness into Spiritual consciousness, the city of the Great King, Jesus Christ of Nazareth; the New Jerusalem externalizes in our experience. Your transition from the physical concept of the body into the active, daily realization of life in your spiritual body is the key to the door of the New Jerusalem here and now. The more we acknowledge God, our Most Loving Father acknowledges us. It is all a matter of Activity of Holy Ghost in consciousness. We must have faith in the Holy One of Israel to lead us to an expected end of realizing Christ Jesus in our midst, of beholding Christ Jesus coming in the clouds with His angels. We must realize that Christ is the reality of our being, and besides Christ there is no other. In doing this, we are praying that the Kingdom of heaven comes on earth as in heaven; we are being faithful to the second stanza of our Lord’s Prayer. This is the descent of the new Jerusalem on earth. Christ's infinite Presence realized is the milk and honey in the newness of life that is unfolding before you. It is the New Jerusalem unfolding on earth, for Christ in you realized is the kingdom of God expressing. Christ is the kingdom of God.

The only reason you are still not at home with the Truth that besides our heavenly Father, there is no other; that the Ancient of days is the only Presence, is because you are still dwelling in a physical body; you believe you are flesh and blood. Christ is urging us to cross out that belief. You must carry your cross and follow Him to cross out the belief in a mortal sense of self, in a physical body. You must die daily to all believes that you are a physical being, for Christ to live your life. That you, the natural man that beholds himself in a mirror; that appears to be but is not is the barrier to the Life of God expressing through, to the City of the Great king, the new Jerusalem manifesting on earth here and now. Thus for Jerusalem to appear on earth, you must Know our Father Aright and Christ Jesus whom He has sent.

To know our Most Loving Father alright is to live in Omnipresence, in the sole awareness that in His Presence nothing that ‘defileth’ nor ‘maketh’ a lie can abide; to know that besides God nothing exists, not even our false ‘sense of me’, our consciousness of ‘flesh and blood’ that defiles and makes a lie; that must die daily in the continuous realization that I and the Father ‘is one’ but my Father is greater than i. To know the Ancient of Days aright is to know that whatever our heavenly Father is, the Son is; whatever the Holy One of Israel has, the Son also has; therefore, I Am and I have. Every gift of our Father is Omnipresent, embracing the infinite universe.

Furthermore, His kingdom, the city of the great King, Christ Jesus is Omnipresent. All the qualities of our heavenly Father are embodied in the Son. So if you accept and realize Christ as the reality of your being and of the infinite universe, then you will have embraced the Kingdom of God in its totality. Everything of a material nature melts into insignificance in the realization of oneness with Christ Jesus; it pales out into nothingness as the kingdom of God is realized within you. The new Jerusalem is Perfection, is Immortality, Righteousness, Love, Joy, Peace, and Strength eternally expressing as a function of your being.

To know God aright is to move in Omnipotence, to move in the continuous realization that God is the only Power  and that every seeming evil condition in human experience is but a shadow cast by human thought, without the Law, Cause, and Power of God to maintain and sustain; to observe the Sabbath  and keep it holy, by being a beholder of infinite perfection as the reality of individual being and the universe, even if the heathen rage and the people imagine vain things; even if there is shattering tempest at sea, on land, in the sky or the earth beneath, you are immovable since the Allness of God precludes their presence.

To know God alright is to have your being in Omniscience, in the steady awareness that God is the all-Knowing, without trying to correct or improve upon God’s perfect, infinite universe, without trying to improve upon the finished work of the Father at Calvary, through rites, rituals, affirmation, invocation, incantation or fasting. In the awareness of Perfection everywhere, whatever that needs to be improved upon God’s universe, is already perfect in our Father before we came into being; to be absolutely convinced that our Most Loving Father that created heaven and earth actually knows what He is doing and is maintaining a perfect universe, and resist every attempt to add or subtract from the infinite perfection of the One SUPREME BEING, The Holy One of Israel, here and now as every organized religion is doing.






“But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship Him. God is Spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth”.