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The last day has already happened at Calvary, when Christ says, “IT IS FINISHED”. So the heightened erroneous occurrences in the human scene are a strong indication of the overhauling of the human consciousness in us and in the world around us by the redeeming work of Christ on the cross at Calvary. That signaled the end of the world, the end of satan, carnal mind in eternity. For us that are in the regeneration, we have been lifted to a point to see that the ‘personal me’ (ekene ezeike that is the natural man) dies at the end of the world, indeed has already been crossed out at Calvary.

Everything in God, His purpose in you and in me has been sealed in eternity when Christ utters it is finished at Calvary, awaiting your stepping out of the false mortal consciousness (ekene ezeike, the natural man that receiveth not the things of God), awaiting your recognition and acceptance of the eternal decree: “IT IS FINISHED”. In other words, the kingdom of God, Immortality is a here-now reality, only awaiting your stepping out of the false personal me, that me that is not the child of God, that is the barrier to the kingdom of God present here and now.

Therefore, it is man’s unawareness of our heavenly Father as the only Presence and Power that makes the appearance of a lie; that makes man appropriate the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is the cause of every discord in human experience. So who is a wicked person? Every man, woman, and child that is born of a woman; it is you and me in our false belief that we are human beings. In our human nature, we are not the children of God, not even in our good humanhood. Thus God’s Presence will ever be the everlasting burning that refines our carnal nature into the Christ nature, through our acceptance that “IT IS FINISHED”, as Christ grieves at Calvary.

Moreover, we must sow to Spirit by accepting that gift of faith in Peter, faith in the unseen, to quicken within us as to ask, “Lord Jesus, if it is you, please bid me come towards you on the water of Immortality, above every shattering and luring appearance”. All around us is ‘this Infinite, Invisible Presence’, the infinite Spiritual Body of Christ Jesus, the Living Temple of God, the kingdom of God here and now awaiting our acknowledgment. We are to simply accept Its Presence, even as Christ Jesus, with His outstretched hands at Calvary bids us in the eternal now to come to Him; to walk towards Him on waters over the pairs of opposites, the good and evil appearances, before we could realize the Temple of the Living God present here and now. It is here awaiting your acknowledgment and acceptance. This means that by faith we accept what Jesus Christ, the Lion of the tribe of Judah has done for us at the cross of Calvary as He proclaims, “IT IS FINISHED”; by faith, we turn our lives totally and completely to the Holy Spirit.

The Mind that was in Christ Jesus is the only way to the kingdom of God that is present here and now. Christ says, “I am the way the truth and the life; no one cometh to the Father except by me”. Eternally, everything lies in our yielding to Spirit, in our accepting the Word of Christ as the function of our being. Moreover, the Angel of God within us is urging us to ‘come up hither’ onto the mountain of the Lord; to enter the Lord’s Day in the eternal now by faith in the finished work of our Father at Calvary. Your death to this world; your surrender of self, lies in your acceptance of “IT IS FINISHED”. The Lord’s Day is the moment in eternal now when Christ declares, “IT IS FINISHED”. The trumpet is sounding! Let your ears be quickened to hear. Now is the day of salvation, not tomorrow or in the future. The light is shining, and the veil of mortality is being removed as we awake to the presence of Christ within. The whole message of Christ is that we might know God aright and Christ Jesus whom thou have sent; John 17:3. This is the key to eternal life and overcoming death in human form.

Furthermore, every man past, present and future is in Christ as he utters “IT IS FINISHED”. Right there our mortality – the father of all lies died. Therefore, you simply have to accept it to come out of every sowing and reaping in human experience. Your life is the Life of God, not the imitation life between cradle and grave. However, you must be conscious of the One Life of God as the function of your being to avoid the grave. “I live, yet not I Christ liveth my life”; Galatians 2:20. The Life of God has no beginning and no end. Therefore, as a child of God, your life has no beginning and no end. You coexist with Christ in God. Your false mortal sense of life was crucified in Christ when Christ says, “IT IS FINISHED”. There and then your mortal sense of life seizes to be. It is the fulfillment of what Spirit revealed way back in Daniel, ‘ME-NE' (Daniel 5:25) to that highest pinnacle of our human will that tries to enthrone itself above the will of the Father; the awful horror in the temple of the living God. Daniel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11; Mathew 24:15; Mark 13:14.

Please remember that this world is not overcome by God but by man realizing the illusory nature of this world as appropriated through the five senses, in the sole realization that God is All; that besides the Holy One of Israel there is no other. The world of appearance is the tree of good and evil. Thus the devil presents itself as this world for your acceptance; for your acceptance of a presence apart from God. It suggests to you that there could be God and a condition or an appearance, which is the tree of good and evil. But you, who are following Christ in the regeneration, the pure in heart, please judge not after appearance nor know any man after the flesh; please behold no iniquity in time or space, but Christ Jesus – the Tree of Life, behind the veil of our mortality, our flesh and blood consciousness. Therefore, rejoice for Christ has already overcome the world; Christ alone opens the book. Your function and mine function is to accept that he has overcome this world; that humanhood is finished when Christ utters on the cross, “IT IS FINISHED”, John 19:28-30.  As you are lifted in consciousness by the Holy Spirit, you shall behold the cross of Calvary (the crucifixion) as the Tree of life. Thus it is in the degree of your acceptance that Christ Jesus, the reality of our being has overcome the world, you are an over-comer.

Heaven forbid that I add to or subtract from the infinite Perfection of God present here and now. In the human scene, we aim at improving a seeming bad condition or adding to an apparent lacking condition. However, as Spirit, children of the living God, we are summoned by Christ to resist every demand to improve or add to God’s infinite Perfection present here and now, by simply acknowledging and accepting that Infinite Perfection is here and there; that beside the Perfection of God there is no other; that the work of our Father is perfected and sealed even as Christ grieves at Calvary, “IT IS FINISHED”.

You need to realize that everything you want is here, perfect and whole. All you need to do is acknowledge and accept that it is here now; that you never left the kingdom since you live, move and have your being in God. The acceptance that “IT IS FINISHED”, as few as those words are, just three words is infinite power. The acceptance that all is here, nothing to be added or subtracted from the Perfection of God ever-present, is to live in Identity, in I am; it is to have the Mind that was in Christ Jesus, which only reveals perfection in the face of any seemingly terrifying pain of the cross.

How can you become what you are not already? You only need to accept the finished work of the Father, “IT IS FINISHED”, as Christ grieves at Calvary. Christ urges us in the eternal now to accept our spiritual body as the Truth of being, to dwell in it; to live in identity, in the conscious realization that I and my Father are one. That is the sole purpose of His transfiguration. To be perfect as your heavenly Father is to know only the things that God knows; to be known as you are known of God. In other words, to be God-conscious; to have the single eye that does not behold good and evil, but sees only Perfection, Christ Jesus everywhere; that does not judge after appearance but judges righteously.  You cannot be perfect and accept death or imitation life that begins at birth and ends in the grave as reality, or sickness or even good health as a function of individual being. That is duality, beholding good and evil. Therefore, to be perfect is to realize that our Perfection is here and now. We only need to accept it to live in it. Spirit through brother John further reveals, “As He is in this world, so are we”. 1 John 4:17

It is the Activity of Holy Ghost in consciousness. You must have faith in our Most Loving Father, by accepting you are Spirit, His image and likeness. You must accept “IT IS FINISHED” to the belief in humanhood. However, when Christ says “IT IS FINISHED”, and within you there remains an iota of belief in a prophecy, teaching, doctrine, creed or dogma, that there is still a fragment of dirt yet un-swept away from your foundation, the very moment you were born into this world; that there is still something wrong in your lineage, in your family requiring deliverance or improvement; that even somewhere in your vein runs the blood of Abraham or blood of any of the patriarchs in the bible, then not only have you pierced Christ Jesus again, but you have also labeled Christ a liar, by believing in falsehood, in a father apart from the Holy One of Israel; by believing that humanhood is not FINISHED, worse still you are further immersed into the miry clay of good and evil, of mortality, thus totally cut off from Immortality – the divine Grace of Almighty God infinitely present.

Now is the day of salvation, not tomorrow or in the hereafter; now are we the children of God. "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest"; Mathew 9:35-38. Now, are you willing to be the pure in heart that sees Christ Jesus everywhere, the few workers unto the in-gathering of the Lord’s harvest? So the gospel must be preached to open up human consciousness to the teachings of Christ Jesus, by the perpetual acceptance of Christ proclamation throughout eternity, “IT IS FINISHED”; to raise the dead,  those still unaware of the Christ presence everywhere, by bringing to their remembrance that Christ Jesus is the reality of their being; to heal the brokenhearted, those that have divorced themselves ignorantly from the bridegroom, Christ Jesus the lion of the tribe of Judah, by bringing to their awareness that Christ Jesus will never live them nor forsake them, in spite of how downtrodden they might appear to be.

Therefore, no other foundation can any man lay than that which has been laid already by the begotten son of God, Christ Jesus the reality of individual being. And in the degree of our acceptance of the finished work of the Father in eternity, externalizing as the renting of the veil (our mortality) at the temple in Jerusalem, when Jesus groans at Calvary, “IT IS FINISHED”, are we the gold, the silver, precious stones, wood, hay, or stubble to be tried and tested by the blazing fire of the Almighty; 1 Corinthians 3:12. God is always the fire, and our degree of acknowledgment of His Presence right where we stand, makes us the gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay or stubble that shall withstand the everlasting burning or the lake of fire.

Humanhood, belief that life is contained in a form, in a physical body; belief in a biological birth is the only sin against our heavenly Father, the Holy One of Israel, and it is the only enemy of the child of God. It is the seeming great gulf and separation from the throne of Grace, the kingdom of God here and now. It is the harlot as revealed in the scripture that has forsaken the Bridegroom, Christ and gone after strange men, mortality. In our humanhood, we are separated from God’s Grace and so Holy Spirit through brother Paul reminds us, “Now this I say, brethren that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 15:50. Flesh and blood consciousness is the veil. Therefore, the trumpet of God sounds in the eternal now, “The life in a physical body is not your life; it is the false sense of life that ends in the grave, so do not live in it; live in My Life by accepting My Finished work. “IT IS FINISHED”, Christ declares eternally; you need to accept it wholeheartedly to live in the Life of God.

Furthermore, the belief in a biological birth, in a physical form, shuts the door to Christ. So please reject with utmost vigor that you are a human being regardless of the world’s opinion; stop posing as a reed standing erect against the storm, against the wind of Spirit. Align yourself to the flow of Spirit, by not resisting the wind of Spirit, but be one with Spirit. Thus, you are a spiritual being, the light of the world in your conscious oneness with Christ Jesus. Every human concept, please cross out at Calvary, by consciously accepting ‘IT IS FINISHED’, as Christ declares in the eternal now. Your function and my function is to accept it. There is nothing else to do after the acceptance but to relax in the assurance of Spirit. You are sowing to the Spirit and shall reap life everlasting. This does not require any membership to any religion or sect. Jesus Christ did not establish any religion. He established ‘our conscious oneness’ with the Holy One of Israel as the only criteria upon which His church – Christ transfigured body will be revealed on the earth.

Until there is a transformation in consciousness that we are Spirit, until we have agreed to forsake our father’s house and go into a new country, where God alone is accepted and acknowledged as our Father; until we have agreed to embark on the journey from soul to Spirit, from the without to the within, from the outer court to the inner court; until we have agreed to carry our cross and follow the Lord to Calvary to cross out the false belief in humanhood, by accepting our Lord’s proclamation, ‘IT IS FINISHED”, the kingdom of God eludes us.

The foundation of our world is our ‘physical birth’, and so our true self, which is undivided from the Almighty God is known by our Father as a prophet, as the Word made flesh, before the foundation of the world. Please know forever that your false mortal-sense of self was crucified in Christ, and when Christ Jesus says, “It is finished”, our mortal-sense of self seizes to be. In your acceptance of ‘IT IS FINISHED, lies your overcoming of this world and IMMORTALITY expressed here and now through you and as you.

At some time or other, as babes in the wood, when we were still trapped in the creed and dogma of organized religion, it was very normal to believe in a presence besides the Holy One of Israel; to believe in lucifer, satan, ekwensu, his agents and demons, or even germs as a law or an activity; to believe in sickness, death, mortality, humanhood as a function of our being. However, if we must make the transition from law into Grace, from mortality into Immortality, from the wilderness of humanhood into the Promised land of Spirit; if we must follow Jesus Christ in the regeneration; if we must have our names written in the book of the Lamb of God (please note that our human birth blots out our names from the book of life); if we must make the transition from the flesh and blood concept we have entertained into our Place of Rest in God, then we must accept that all the qualities of our Father is infinite and Omnipresent; that Immortality is here and now; that where we stand is Holy ground, the kingdom of God; that we live and move and have our being in God, since our Father is ALL; that ‘IT IS FINISHED’ as Christ confirms at Calvary, before we can re-enter the garden of Eden here and now.

To you, this world is a shadow, a fleeting image in time. As long as there is a world you are denying the presence of the kingdom of God; as long as there is a mortal out there, you are denying the presence of Christ Jesus, the Word that created all things. The scripture reveals eternally that besides God there is no other. This is a principle without deviation in heaven and will be established on earth through ‘individual acknowledgment’ that: ‘IT IS FINISHED’, as Christ grieves at Calvary. You do not accept heaven and hell; you do not know any man after the flesh; 2 Corinthians 5:16. You only accept the One Life of God, which is the Word that was in the beginning with God. You accept that My Life being the one Life and that Life being the Life of all, I am God-governed here and now and so is everyone, no matter in what form they appear, they are invisibly God-governed. They may not know it, they may not accept it, but it is your duty as the pure in heart to forgive seventy times seven; your duty is to live, move and have your being in the truth that God is present as the Light and Perfection of the infinite universe; your duty is to lift every man, woman, and child out of the miry clay of mortality to God in oneness.

Holy Spirit promises us a Life in the eternal now where time is no more, where time meets with space at the cross of Calvary. The Father’s promise is now fulfilled at the cross of Calvary. At the cross, our humanhood dissolves, in our continuous acceptance of the finished work of the Father, even as Christ grieves, “IT IS FINISHED.” That ‘It’ that is finished is our carnal nature, our Adamic inheritance. Therefore, you do not need to attain any of the qualities of God. They are all here and now; they are all yours in the eternal now, in your acceptance that 'IT IS FINISHED'.

My kingdom is not of this world, of the tree of good and evil, of appearance. I go to prepare a place so that where I am there you may be also. In my Father’s house are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you.John 14:2-3. This promise is already fulfilled in the eternal now as Christ grieves at the cross of Calvary, “IT IS FINISHED.” ‘My kingdom’, the ‘many mansions’ of the living God is already prepared, awaiting our self (human life) surrender consciously; awaiting our acceptance that ‘IT IS FINISHED’. When Christ says it; IT IS and you can live by it; it is our reality. You can take it to the bank and cash it.

Conversely, in the eternal now (on that day or the Lord’s Day) when Christ grieves upon the cross of Calvary, “IT IS FINISHED”, we are also in His loin as He is reconciling the world unto Himself. However, we have to realize consciously that we are in His loins so as to severe ourselves from the tree of good and evil inherited from our Adamic nature, and be re-grafted back unto the TREE OF LIFE – between the two living Cherubim, upon the mercy-sit of our Most Loving Father, where Jesus Christ reigns in Glory forever.

Therefore, our freedom from the influences of any appearance lies in our acceptance of, ‘IT IS FINISHED. ‘To them that believe gave yee Power to become children of the living God; John 1:2. Unless you accept or believe ‘IT IS FINISHED’, you do not have the power to become the Son of God; unless you see yourself in the loins of Christ Jesus, you sever yourself from the TREE OF LIFE.

Your spiritual body is the TREE OF LIFE, and to live in it, you must be conscious of yourself as the branch grafted to the Vine; you must be aware that Christ (Vine) is in you, and you are in Him. This is not the same as ‘astral body ‘projection by mental power, which is an imitation of our Spiritual body. You cannot live in your Spiritual body through enchantment, divination, incantation, rites or ritual. It is impossible! You cannot live in your Spiritual body as a human being. However, you live in your Spiritual body by dying completely to self – that ‘self you thought was ‘conceived’ in the womb of a woman. You live in IT by accepting IT IS FINISHED’, as Christ grieves at Calvary; you live in IT by realizing that Christ is in you and you are in Christ; you live in IT by realizing that ‘I and My Father are one’; you live in IT by realizing you are Spirit and not a human being.

The stage is now set for us to come into the full realization that our mortality was completely dissolved the moment Christ groans, “IT IS FINISHED”, regardless of the seemingly heightened darkness in human experience. ‘Arise and shine for your light is come, and the glory of the Lord is upon you; Isaiah 60:1. The increased warfare, man’s inhumanity to man, and all the tiny drops of erroneous condition doting the human scene here and there are shadows, without substance, without the Law of God to sustain and maintain. Please do not sow to the form or any appearance, no matter how shattering or pleasing. Only our Most Loving Father is present, besides Him there is no other; Christ, the Word that created all things did not create war, or anything unlike Himself, Spirit. Whatever unlike the creation of the Word is hypnotism – is mind creation. This is a new day! The veil is rented now, and the begotten Son of God sits upon the mercy seat of the Almighty at the center of our being and of the infinite universe. Halleluiah!

Evil came about because Adam and Eve ate the fruit of good and evil; they entertained a false sense of separation from God, by accepting a power and a presence apart from God. As a result, they conceived after the flesh and their offspring were not immaculately conceived. Nonetheless, as we come to know our Father aright and Christ Jesus our savior as our true identity, we come into the Lord’s Day, wherein we are accepting that “IT IS FINISHED”, which grants us the capacity to conceive immaculately.

Consequently, Christ tells us that we must be born again, else we perish in our acceptance that we are human beings. In our initial birth, we were born humanly. Nevertheless, at the end of the world, on the Lord’s day, at the end of your human life, when you have fully accepted ‘IT IS FINISHED’ as Christ grieves at Calvary, you are born spiritually. You are no longer the natural man, that man that appears to be born in the womb of a woman; by grace, you are now spirit, in your acceptance that the Life of Christ is your life and His Immortal body your body; in your acceptance that, “IT IS FINISHED”, as Christ declares eternally at Calvary. You must acknowledge and accept that same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead as the Life of your being. Please meditate on this. You only receive the things of God not as a human being but as Spirit, by accepting, “IT IS FINISHED”, as Christ proclaims eternally.




‘To them that believe gave yee Power to become children of the living God; John 1:2