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Church the body of Christ

The Truth is: Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the lamb of God that was crucified on Calvary, resurrected on the third day as the Lion of the tribe of Judah; sited on the right hand of God the Father, is Omnipresent; He is the reality of our being. There is no Christ Jesus and us; Christ Jesus is appearing as us, as the reality of our being. Thus it is in this acceptance and recognition of our oneness with Him, we are bowing to Him and allowing His church to be established through and upon us. It is the real worship and evidence that we are Christ’s disciples. This is the Truth of existence – the circle of Christ-hood, that glorious cloud of oneness, where Christ reigns in glory, proclaiming, “You are in Me, and I AM in you” (John 14:20).

Moreover, Christ Jesus did not set up any religion, nor would He have allowed us to circumscribe Him to any form of church worship; He could not have because that would be to limit Himself to a particular sect when He is the Alpha and Omega. He mentions to Peter and to human consciousness, ‘upon the recognition of Christ (I) in our midst, He who walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands, our hope of glory’; upon the acceptance of the seed of God as the reality of our being will the seed grow into a fruitful tree; will His church be established and the gate of hell not prevail; not on any particular apostle as assumed in some circle of the Christian fold.

This assumption is very misleading, and this is where you have to please brace yourself up to hear from the Holy Spirit concerning the teachings of Christ Jesus. You may go to church every Sunday and attend fellowship every other day. You may pay your offerings and tithes, observe all religious rites and rituals, and yet not be a follower of Christ Jesus. You may even gather in a place of worship while mumbling Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior and yet not be a Christian, nor constitute the body of Christ or the church of God, if you fail to recognize the Omnipresence of Christ Jesus; if you fail to visit Christ Jesus in the prison of human mind, by not beholding Christ Jesus in your sinning neighbor, however debased the person appears to eyesight. The key to becoming a Christian lies in having the single eye that does not judge after appearance but judges righteously; that single eye that makes our body to be filled with light - body filled with light is the body of Christ or His Church that permeates time and space.

Scripture reveals that the only criteria of constituting the church of Christ Jesus lies in one’s ability to recognize Christ Jesus, the begotten Son of God, in their neighbor. Once you come to the conclusion that Christ Jesus is the reality of individual being, and live your life in total fidelity to the Truth that Christ Jesus is the reality of individual being, the church of God establishes in you, and the gates of hades shall not prevail against you. The church of God is the realization of Christ Jesus in individual consciousness; the church of God is the continuous realization without quivering that you live, move, have your being (Acts 17:28) in the Holy One of Israel.

Therefore, it is the recognition of Christ Jesus in you as the reality of individual being that establishes the church of God upon the earth. Upon the establishment of the church of Christ in you, the man of sin is revealed, that ancient serpent that beguiled Eve in the garden of Eden; that carnal mind, the father of all lies, posing as our mind; that mortal self that has occupied the temple of the living God since the foundation of the world (from the moment we took upon human form); that awful horror that is actually nonexistent – the abomination of desolation, standing in the holy place of God. You will discover a startling truth, as the walls of organized religions of the world starts dissolving in your consciousness, that every man, woman, and child on earth has one Father, the Holy One of Israel; that we are all one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:26 ; Ephesians 4:28). The church of Christ is the Activity of Holy Ghost in consciousness, not in planting structures in form of churches, temples, mosques, shrines, altars, or any structure or place of worship set up by the organized religions of the world.

Furthermore, the church of God is the Spirit of God, the living Word, Christ indwelling man. So as you accept the seed of God instead of the mortal form; as you recognize Christ within as the reality of individual being, the church of God is established, as promised by Christ. “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased hear yee him”, the Holy One of Israel proclaims to mankind from His Holy mount in the eternal now. In the degree that you hearken to the Father’s proclamation in the eternal now, by living in identity, in the realization that Jesus Christ constitutes individual being, the body of Christ is established within you as the Truth of being.

Again, this is not to condemn any church gathering as it were, but to point out that while we gather for worship, by not forsaking the gathering of brethren, that our gathering should be in oneness, not as mortals but as spirit; that attention should be focused more inward in the realization that our body is the very temple of God. The temple of God is the Christ body; the transfigured body of Jesus Christ, and not any man-made structure or even our physical body, but our heart, our soul, our consciousness. Your body is the body of Christ, infinite and immortal. Our Father constitutes your being.

However, if there is any gathering in whatever form or nature, where the relationship between the man of God (Pope, cardinal, Arch bishop, Bishops, Apostle, Pastor, Iman, High priest/priestess, Teacher), and their subjects is that of a spiritual son/daughter and spiritual father or mother of some sort or the other, then all such gathering is not unto God, the Holy one of Israel. They are gathering unto an organized religion, hence will crumble. Why? Because they are standing in the way of the Holy Ghost. Holy Spirit, Christ the Son of the living God that indwells our being through individual acknowledgment is the only Father/Mother, or mentor.

Therefore, all organized religion is enshrined in falsehood. Again they do not gather unto God but unto men, regardless of the miracle they may perform in the name of Jesus Christ or any other name in Heaven.

The continuous realization of the Lord’s body as your body and His life as your life is the garment you must put on; never go out without it, else you appear naked, subject to the good and evil influences of the world. It is your protection, life, security and guarantee unto eternity. This should be your daily Holy Communion observation: ‘eat of my flesh and drink of my blood’; else the world will feed on your consciousness, to disrobe you of the seed, the word of God you have been keeping heretofore, which is your amour and shield against the supposedly good and evil influences of the world. Unless we live consciously in our spiritual body, the Immortal body of Christ Jesus, the kingdom of God here and now, by accepting it faithfully as a here-now reality, we have not come home; we are not complete in Christ Jesus.

Whatever forms of worship we have heretofore indulged in are but steps leading up to the ultimate goal of existence – the realization of the Mind that was in Christ Jesus that is capable of dwelling in the kingdom of God here and now. However, when the steps are perceived as an end, without knowing that there is a higher calling: the realization of the Mind that was in Christ Jesus, stagnation sets in. it can be likened to a pupil in basic class that has decided not to advance into high school. He would rather prefer to repeat class, without realizing that there is more to life in high school than the basic class he has up to this time enjoyed.

Certainly, we must not burn up the experience any more than we must burn our basic or tertiary institution just because we do not need schools anymore; we must not criticize or judge our religious experiences as they afforded us the means to abide deeper in God. We should consider all our religious experiences very important. They were all very important at their different levels of realization, at their different states and stages of consciousness. They were all pointers to Christ Jesus the reality of our being. However, let us awake from the dream of mortality to hear the voice of Christ; let us progress from drinking the milk of the Word to eating the flesh of the Word; let us now heed to the bidding of the Holy Ghost to come up hither unto the Lord’s mount, Mount Zion, wherein we are consciously one with the Lamb of God, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, by accepting His finished work at the cross of Calvary that human-hood, our carnal nature, our adamic inheritance is 'FINISHED'.


“On that day you will realise that you are in Me, and I AM in you” (John 14:20).